EP Sorrow Drives the Will

by Tanker

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    Sludge Metal from Banja Luka




Recorded @ Studio 4
Recording by Pedja Blagojevic & Dragan Bosnjak
Mixed & Mastered @ Digital Boyler Studio
Produced by Tiki the Boyler


released August 1, 2010

Music & Lyrics by Tanker
Photo by Zule XXX
Cover Design by Dejan Sijuk



all rights reserved


Tanker Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tanker is sludge/stoner metal band from Banja Luka,Bosnia & Herzegovina. Formed in 2008., the band was a side-project of members from three Banja Luka-based bands Monument, Revolt and AntiDope.

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Track Name: Redeem From Nothing
Redeem from nothing

Built from the stone
Built from the anger inside
Distant and cold
Like mountain I stand

Buried beneath
Ten tons of concrete
Pressure is rising
I’m burning away

Over and over
Stare back at myself
Once I was broken
There was no light

Deep down inside me
Wanted to end it all
This made me stronger
To overcome all

R: I’ve found the way
To heal the wounds
Tried my best
Never to fall again
Day after day, I was left on my own
Day after day, I been dying to know
Broken trust, broken words
Fuck it all, it never ends

Deep down inside myself
I felt my time is coming
Reasons to live just faded away
But now everything seems so fucking clear
I’m standing, I’m rising,
This wall will never fail

Falling again, rising towards
Nothing remains, as it was
Everything gone, conquering all
I am the one, that’s losing all
Today’s the day, I am awake
Against the odds, until I’m dead!
Until I am fucking dead!!!
Track Name: Broken

Goddamn I’m tired
Life just drained, right out of me
Falling into depression
Can’t stand to live another day

Wounds that will never heal
Scars that control the struggle
Betrayal lies beneath it all
This pain lives deep inside of me

Broken apart!

Stone cold I stand alone
Buried by what I feel
Carry my heavy burden
The road was long, the road was hard

Again I mourn inside myself
Building walls around me
Can’t stand what I’ve become
Can’t stand all this misery

Broken apart!
I have struggled to find my way
I have struggled to carry the pain
Never thought that life will be like this

Goddamn I’m tired
Life just drained, right out of me
Falling into depression
Can’t stand to live another day

All this shit, cut away
Been down, and down I am
For so long, been away
Now the time comes to rise again
Track Name: Nothing But The Pride
Nothing But The Pride

Depression of days
Kills all hope, fears and dreams
Nowhere to turn
Write my own damn destiny

Left on my own, been dying so slow
My time passed right by me
Ignore the life, live through the pain
Opened my eyes, and found the way

Fight with the grudge
That’s carved deep inside of me
The weight of time
Cannot hold it longer

The knife in my back, takes my strength away
But I’m far from dead and gone
You cannot kill, what you did not create
Remember that!

I have something, that keeps me alive
Not much has left, nothing but the pride

For so long, I’ve been pushing the stones
Building a wall , that will never fall
Again and again, I promise myself
To keep my strength, never lose it and fail
That was it, I was down
One last time!!!
Track Name: Times Of War
Times Of War

To live in a world that left you for dead
Just to make sure their visions are true
Wolfs are gathered, seeps will be slain
No more!!!
Tired of running, It’s time to stop

Awakened and strong, crushing the walls
The power of will, drives what’s inside
Fighting the storms, controlling the tides
Is a new day, your time to pay

Pointing directions for all the wrong ways
Leading us into desperate days
Live like the slaves, crushed to the bone
This is the time, of fucking war

Stronger and stronger until I explode
Day after day, your weakness revealed
Moment of truth, your system has failed
The End!!!
Your end is near, feel the fucking fear

R: Now there’s a will
To stand from the dirt
To wash this pain away
Track Name: Sorrow Drives The Will
Sorrow Drives The Will

So close to being gone
Reach my hands towards the ground
Another fall, another fucking weakness
Passing time, bringing the illness

Blurred vision, sanity’s gone
Going fast, into oblivion
Another minute, another fucking bottle
To kill the growing pain

Sorrow! I mourn! I’ll rise! End of the line!

R: Sorrow drives the will!
Depression of life
Relief of the death
I will rise, above it all!